IMG_20160803_192937682 (2)In ninth grade, Jon Guyer kissed Cammy and fell in love for the first time. Seconds later a shot rang out, and Jon clutched his friend as the boy bled out from a wound delivered by a drive-by shooter. The case went cold, but Jon never forgot how swiftly and unexpectedly tragedy strikes.

Now an L.A.P.D. Detective, Jon still loves Cammy. One immovable force stands in his way. She’s happily married to his partner and best friend, Gabriel Menendez.

After Jon and Gabe’s investigation of a brutally murdered young woman leads them to a fundamentalist religious sect, The Compound, Jon relives his worst nightmare as tragedy strikes again. In an emotional tailspin, Jon suspects that the perpetrator hides behind the walls of The Compound. Unknown to Jon, secret members of the cult within the police department use extreme measures to block Jon’s efforts to solve the crimes and discover their illegal rituals. In a deadly battle between religious freedom and the law, Jon combats sinister forces in his department, and within his soul, to find the killers before Cammy becomes the cult’s next victim.


Los Angeles Police Administration BuildingStill grieving the ‘in the line of duty’ death of his former girlfriend, L.A.P.D. Detective Jon Guyer protects his new partner, Detective Tracy Chen, by ordering her to stay in the vehicle while he apprehends the perpetrator of a home-invasion, robbery-homicide, Danny Hyde. During his interrogation, Danny informs the detectives that his eleven-year-old brother, Connor, faces sexual exploitation from an award-winning Hollywood director, Parker Witfield.

Jon enlists the aid of the Human Trafficking Department’s irresistible Sergeant Eva DeLeon and gains temporary custody of the boy. Jon bonds with Connor, but the court returns custody to his star-struck mother who would sacrifice anything for Parker’s attention. The only person who can go undercover to lure Parker away from Connor is Jon’s partner, Tracy Chen.